Dear Socials Tour Ticket Holders and Family,  


It has been an unprecedented year for all of us. Since the first moment COVID-19 became a reality, we have worked diligently to ensure that Socials Tour would be a safe and exciting experience for everyone attending. The first challenge we worked to overcome was the amount of tickets we sold so quickly. After social distancing was mandated, we were over capacity at every single show. The second issue we have encountered is many of the venues we cherish have now closed their doors permanently due to economic hardships caused by COVID-19.  


Due to this unfortunate reality, and the mandates still in place surrounding capacity limits, the management team of Socials Tour has made the hard decision to cancel Socials Tour for the remainder of 2020. The creators and artists are sad to not to be seeing all of you, the ticket holders and fans, in person this year!  

All tickets for Socials Tour 2020 will be cancelled and refunded automatically by the ticket provider you purchased through. Please reach out to the ticket providers if their are any errors or if you need to update information. We will be happy to assist via email as well. 

Please be patient while the ticket providers process your refund(s). We expect all refunds to be processed by the end of October in all cities and assure you they all will be - many have already started processing. We have worked tirelessly to make Socials Tour 2020 safe and possible, but cannot during these difficult times unfortunately.  


Socials Tour was created to give fans and ticket holders an experience unlike any other. We are currently looking ahead to a healthier future for our country and the next chapter of Socials Tour! 


We are working on a major digital event featuring many of your favorite creators and performers that we will share with you in the coming weeks! We are excited for the upcoming event and look forward to getting back out on the road soon!